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Founded in 1986 by bass player Manne Pokrandt and keyboardist Egge Schumann to create commissioned music in a back building.

Technically, a Commodore C 64 was the heart of production. With only 64k of main memory, this computer could at least record and play back MIDI signals and had to be synchronized to a tape machine to enable audio such as vocals or acoustic instruments.

In the beginning, a large part of the technology had to be rented before the first productions brought in the funds to invest in technology that had to be completely organized from West-Berlin. There was a wall in Berlin and we were in the east, the communist part of town.

Shortly before the Berlin Wall came down, we moved into my apartment, converted a room, and bought an Atari computer.

A new owner wanted to completely renovate the house. So why not look for a real recording space now?


The next 17 years the studio was in Berlin-Buchholz and since 2017 in the current studio in Pankow Park.

Have a look at HISTORY to see, how we changed the room from a conference room to a recording studio in 2017.

The new room is perfectly suited for live band recordings, multi-tracking, post-production and overdubbing instruments and voice-overs. 

Plenty of daylight, a Yamaha grand piano, see all technical details in German. (We don't have to translate "Neumann microphone")

For more pictures and videos have a look at the START section or our YouTube channel below. 


But better come to have a coffee or a beer and see for yourself. You're welcome !



  • Studio and Live CD productions, recording, editing, mixing and mastering  All CD productions  (only in German)
  • Sounddesign
  • Audio restauration
  • Video editing and video synchronization for TV, film and advertising
  • Playbacks and program music for artists, dancers, theater
  • Football Anthems
  • record label TÖNE
  • lyrics & xompositions


References overview

(see also Mastering und CDs)

  • Live-Recordings for radio station  Deutschlandfunk with Arlo Guthrie, Billy Bragg & Wenzel in Schiller-Theater Berlin at 1.9.2006
  • Live-Recordings for radio station  Deutschlandfunk : 15 Jahre Buschfunk in Theater des Westens Berlin at 13.12.2004 with Silly, Keimzeit, Stoppok, Veronika Fischer, Gisela May, Gerhard Schöne, Kerschowski, L Art de passage,...
  • 20 episodes "Stefanies Lieder" (Children's television "Sandmann")
  • Soundtracks music for children's television "Sandmann" (ORB, MDR, 3sat, Kinderkanal, SWR, NDR)
  • Soundftracks Polizeiruf 110, Laura (ORB)
  • Program-music e.g. Marc Wessely, Planetarium Berlin, Podewil Berlin, Treffpunkt Freizeit Potsdam, Theater Anklam


Label Töne

Studio 1058 has its own label TÖNE.

The associated benefits for our customers include:

  • Use of our own label code LC 10338, which is important for GEMA billing
  • Sampling for numerous broadcasters, newspapers and magazines
  • Samples from the German Music Archives Berlin and the German Library Leipzig
  • Use of our sales structures
  • Cooperation with the Kreuzberg-Festival.


Lessingstraße 84

13158 Berlin      Google Map

Tel. +49.173.6150561